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Welcome Back Winter Once Again

Here in Louisville, Ohio, the weather is being bipolar yet again. This whole week it has been sunny in the 70s and 80s, but today the weather has dropped to 37 degrees and there are little tiny flakes of white dust falling from the sky. I do not understand why Ohio has such unpredictable weather but I wish it would stop being so bipolar.

The good news about this weather is that we can wear socks! Hooray! Not that I can go anywhere in my socks today because I am still laying on my couch with swollen cheeks from my oral surgery yesterday. I find it a bit odd that the doctor didn't give me stitches after pulling my wisdom teeth out, but at least I don't have to go back to get them removed. So that is a plus.

On a different note, I have become a huge fan of Owl City in the past 6 months. I listen to him any chance that I get and I love singing along to his songs. The title of this post is from his song "Tip of the Iceberg." It's one of my favorites. If you have never listened to Owl City before, I suggest you do it. He is a fantastic artist and a lot of fun to listen to.


One Day Without Shoes

Have you ever heard of TOMS Shoes Company? This company is running a really great program where if you buy a pair of their shoes, they send second pair to a child who doesn't have any shoes. Today, TOMS is honoring those kids by asking people from all around the world to go around doing their daily routine without wearing shoes. Hence the name "One Day Without Shoes."

Unfortunately, I had to get my wisdom teeth out this morning, so I could only go half a day without wearing shoes on my feet. Many teenagers who go to school also had to go half a day without wearing shoes. If it were up to me to pick the date for this holiday, I would either choose the date on the weekend or during the summer.

Nevertheless, I believe this holiday is really great. It got me thinking how lucky I am to have several pairs of shoes under my bed to choose from each day. I tend to take the things I am blessed with for granted so easily. Reminders like today's holiday is a great way to remember how blessed we are to live in a free country and own such wonderful things.

Every since I heard about TOMS Shoes I've wanted to buy a pair myself. I would love to someday contribute to this company that helps children all over the world. If you are interested in contributing the website is below. Have a great day.


Welcome Back Warm Weather!

This is my official post to welcome back warm weather. Winter seems to have finally ended and it's time to put away our winter coats and bring out our summer clothes. Although this time of year is exciting and full of new beginnings, it's a time to say goodbye. Many people like to wear sandals and flip-flops during this time of year because it's warm out. That is when we leave our socks in the drawers. Although it may be a sad goodbye, don't fret. Fall will be around and we can bring them out again. I just ask you one thing for this season, please, please, please, do not wear socks with sandals. It looks bad and uncomfortable. Other than that, enjoy the weather. I'll be back soon with more sock adventures. Until then...


Fact: Bears Eat Beets

Hello There! I apologize for not posting any new blogs in the last few months. You see, I have been quite busy. In September, I started a school called Discipleship Training School [DTS] through the missions organization known as Youth With A Mission [YWAM]. The DTS was awesome. It consisted of 3 months in a "lecture phase" and 2 months on "outreach." The 3 months of lecture phase were incredible. I learned so much about God, the Bible, relationships, etc. I loved the people I went to school with and became very close with them. They are life-friends.

Indian BeachMy outreach however was even more amazing. I spent 1 1/2 months in the country of India. Yea, when I found out I was going there, my eyes grew wide. Outreach was a chance to put what I learned in "lecture phase" into practice and real-life situations. India is such a beautiful country. It was a little shocking culturally but I was able to adapt quickly. I met so many wonderful people. I miss them terribly. The living conditions weren't too bad. The worst was probably the bucket baths. There was no shower head nor hot water. I only had to use a "squatty-potty" a few times while there. Oh, and I had toilet paper to use [Thank God!]. Overall, I recommend going there. It's a great experience that more people should have.

Now, getting on the "sock" topic, Indians wear socks. Yea, I was shocked too. India is such a hot country that I thought everyone wore sandals and flip-flops. I was wrong. They wore socks, often with sandals and flip-flops [which I think is tacky], but they wore socks! I couldn't believe it. hahaha.

By the way, I'm changing up this blog a little bit. This blog isn't going to be just about socks anymore. I may post a random blog about something that happened to me. For example, if I had a crazy dream. I think that interests me more than socks, but don't worry. I will post about socks as often as I can. :]

Thanks for reading! I hope you have a blessed day.