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Minion socks!

Minion socks! I love these, but I have no idea what the socks say. That would probably be nice to know. What's a little sad is that I haven't seen the second movie, even though i want to. But as promised, here they are!



To buy the first set:

To buy the second set:

Hope you like them!


The Hunger Games socks

The awesome Hunger Games socks are here! They look awesome. I can't wait until Catching Fire comes out, because I've read all the books and seen The Hunger Games. How about you? 🙂 Buy The Hunger Games socks here!



YouTube socks!

YouTubers unite! I love these. Now everyone can show off their loyalty to YouTube. I would like to introduce you to Rhett and Link, and their shows: Good Mythical Morning and The Mythical Show.

Good Mythical Morning first episodes:

Season one: Episode 1

Season two: Episode 1

Season three: Episode 1

The Mythical Show:

Episode 1: Feat. Goorgen

Episode 2: Feat. Tony Hale

Episode 3: Feat. Jill Wagner

Episode 4: Feat. SMOSH

Episode 5: Feat. graduation song

Episode 6: Feat. Taylor Swift Caption Fail

The Mythical show!!!




Dancing pizza socks

Woo! Dancing pizza! Go pizza, go pizza! These are so funny! They almost are like peanut butter jelly time. Cheese and pepperoni,Cheese and pepperoni, yay! Anyway, these socks are awesome. The picture is a bit blurry, sorry.



Charlie Brown socks

These socks are amazing! It's like you can get away without wearing shoes all the time. That must be nice, because I prefer socks or bare feet. You could walk around on Halloween wearing a Charlie Brown costume or something, with these socks. (On second thought, ouch. Walking on roads when trick or treating -aka getting candy- with these might not be the best idea.) And to the people who don't celebrate Halloween, sorry about that. Everyone does it for the candy anyway.

Buy Charlie Brown socks here!