One Sock Two Sock Socks: Randomly beautiful from head to toe.


Shark socks

Eat up these socks like the shark just ate up your feet! I really have no idea where to get these. But I found these very funny.

Nom nom nom


Animal socks

These are adorable socks. I found these in a shop based on socks in an airport on my way to Texas. The name of the shop is Soxx Shop, and it's found in Pittsburgh airport. Here are the cute socks I found:
Fast food socks:

Ice cream socks:

Raccoon socks:

Bird socks:

And Horse socks:

There are many more.


Rainbow Dash socks!

*My little pony, my little pony. Ahhhahhahhahhhhh,* Oh, my little pony. I can't wait for the new season to come out. I really wonder what they're going to do now. Who knows? But really, these Rainbow Dash socks are cool. Along with the Twilight Sparkle ones, which I have no idea where you can get them. If I ever own those I'm going to yell at them, "Come on! Do magic already!"

Buy Rainbow Dash socks here on




Owl Socks, Greeks, and Egyptians

Hello! Our names our Caitie, Carly, and Devan, the new owners of this blog. We just love socks, those warm, fuzzy things. They can date back to the ancient Egyptians and Greeks, who We highly respect because of the books Rick Riordan wrote. (We're big readers. Can't you wait for his new book, The House of Hades? We really can't.) Ancient Egyptians actually knitted socks in the 8th century, and the ancient Greeks wore socks out of animal hair. We really like owls and owl socks. One of us found some pictures of some really cute ones. We're looking forward to posting more about socks, and making you guys happy.

Fuzzy owls!

Fuzzy owls!